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With over 15 years of motoring repair experience, we have helped countless thousands of motorists all over Orlando and the surrounding areas. A great deal of these motorists is long-term customers who continually call us for their vehicle servicing when they want it carried out at home rather than them looking for an available garage.

Our mobile mechanics perform the very best vehicle servicing, and they are highly regarded and are some of the best mechanics in the industry. With our groundbreaking 24/7 365 vehicle repair /tune-up services, we have made life much more comfortable to motorists in the region.

Our mechanics have the most current equipment and can carry out almost any vehicle repair or service job on a vehicle at any given location. And, because we have access to one of the most extensive ranges of OEM parts in the country, we can pass back, so of the significant savings, we are presented with. With integrity, transparency and an ever-increasing band of loyal customers, we get to do what we love every single day.


We bring the shop to you!

Orlando FL Mechanic Services

Any motorist who waits for something to go wrong with their vehicle is facing a much larger bill than is necessary. With regular maintenance from skilled mobile mechanics, many of these more significant problems can be negated.

Mobile Mechanic of Orlando gives each customer undivided attention when we are working on their vehicle. With the mechanics working at a customer’s home or location of choice, there is no line of cars to be worked on. It is one vehicle and one skilled mechanic.

Gone are the days when motorists needed to waste a weekend trying to find a garage that could accommodate them, now we go to them to perform the required service. It doesn’t matter what time or what day of the week, we know our highly skilled vehicle technicians will carry out work that is of a higher standard than a regular brick and mortar vehicle service center.

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We bring the shop to you!

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“I’m new to the Orlando area and needed a garage. My new neighbor said to call Mobile Mechanic of Orlando. I did and was very surprised how professional and prompt they were. And my car runs like a dream. I’ll be calling again, great job.”

T McPherson


“A driver hit my Honda while was in the mall. I couldn’t drive because the rear fender was hanging on the floor. I called Mobile Mechanic of Orlando, and they sent a guy out. He managed to stabilize the fender, and we got it back to my home where he called for extra parts. By the time the sun was dipping, my new fender was on the car. Great guy, he worked super hard.”

Where can I find a mobile mechanic near me?

When your vehicle has a problem, it can run long enough to get you to a garage, on occasions. But, when it suddenly dies under you and you are stranded, there is no way you are going to locate a garage. You can tap into your cell ‘find a mobile mechanic near me,’ and you will get search results that have every garage in the area. Depending on the time, a lot might be closed, or they are busy.

It is much better to have our Orlando telephone number in your cell. As soon as you find you are stranded, quickly give our staff in Orlando a call, and they will send the first mobile mechanic who is free to attend to you.

Our skilled mechanics will make sure you are safe and then attend to your vehicle. Even if the repair is extensive, there isn’t anything our skilled mechanics can’t tackle. And, as quick as they can, they will have you back on the road.

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We bring the shop to you!