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Not all engine tunes are geared to high-performance cars, most engine tunes that Mobile Mechanic of Orlando performs are to restore peak fuel efficiency. This is why it is imperative to have regular engine tunes to make sure you are receiving the best possible mpg you can.

Our mechanics are well known for their engine tune skills, and they also have access to some of the best mobile diagnostic tools that allow performing these tunes anywhere around Orlando.

Numerous areas go into tuning an engine, so let’s take a look at what our mobile mechanics check to give your vehicle the very best mobile tune up it could possibly have.


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When any vehicle is having its engine tuned by a skilled mobile vehicle technician, all of the filters should be either clean or in a best case scenario, they should be new. If they are dirty or worn, any engine tune won’t be as effective. Here are filters that should be checked and replaced to give the maximum effect or brake repair service.

Air Filters

When engines are running, air is continually being sucked into the engine and mixed with the gas. This allows the correct air to fuel ratio, but if your filter is dirty or blocked, it can hurt your mpg. In an engine with a carburetor, your mpg can be reduced by up to 14% with a dirty air filter.

Oil Filters

Oil is pumped around the engine to keep things lubricated, so when it starts to get dirty and clogged with particles, it loses its efficiency. This can either cause a buildup in oil pressure, or particles begin to find their way into your engine and cause wear. With wear comes a reduces amount of pressure from the pistons, and this turns out to increased mpg, and over time, it can be performance loss that you can’t recover.

Fuel Filters

This blocks particulates from passing along the fuel line into the engine, but when they start to clog, fuel flow is restricted, and the engine can’t receive the correct amount of fuel to work correctly.

All of these filters are easy to change by one of our skilled mobile mechanics at your home. When they have all been changed, it gives the vehicle technician a much better starting point to perform his engine tune-up.

“My car was under-performing as if it was thirty years old. The mechanic from Mobile Mechanic of Orlando came to my house and spent about an hour. Now my car runs like a dream.”

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Spark Plugs

This is the part of the engine that ignites the fuel. Most of the time they won’t break, but they will erode because of the continual sparking from the metal surfaces. This causes fuel to sit in the cylinder, and a symptom of unburned fuel is a backfire from the tailpipe.

Ignition Wires

These are what links the spark plugs to the distributor caps where the spark is generated.

If these are broken, or the contacts are not very good, the electricity won’t pass, and you will have one engine cylinder not producing power. This again wastes fuel that will go unburned.Ignition systems are one of the main areas a vehicle engine tune-up concentrates.

If the right spark doesn’t happen by the spark plug, then the engine doesn’t burn fuel economically, and your mpg drops. More modern vehicles use a different method but rest assured, our mechanics are well versed in all types of engine ignition systems.

Distributor Caps and Rotor

This is where the spark is generated in older vehicle types. This part of the engine is where the spark is produced in a specific order, so each is passed to the correct spark plug in time. It can take a highly skilled Orlando mechanic to get the timing just right.

If you see your vehicle’s engine is juddering and not responsive, it is highly advised to call our support staff. One of our mechanics can come to your home and perform engine tuning that will restore lost power and get your mpg back into the region that it should be.

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