Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is a part of Orlando, Florida's performing arts scene. It includes three unique theaters, an outdoor plaza for live events and performances, education programs for students of all ages, and various other amenities to create a complete package.

The Three Theaters

The Walt Disney Theater is the largest theater, with 3,500 seats. It hosts many performances, from Broadway shows to concerts. One famous event is the "Broadway Across America" series, a traveling Broadway show that performs annually. The Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater is smaller at 300 seats and features more intimate productions, such as cabaret-style shows, jazz ensembles, dance companies, and comedy acts. Finally, the Seneff Arts Plaza is an outdoor venue with seating up to 2,000 featuring family-friendly programming, including outdoor movies, concerts, and festivals year-round.

Outdoor Plaza

The Dr. Phillips Center also has an outdoor plaza for performances and events. The area features an ampitheater seating 1,700 people around a stage for concerts and live performances. It's a great place to enjoy music under the stars! Some artists who have performed here include Steve Miller Band, Goo Goo Dolls, and Colbie Caillat.

Education Programs

The Dr. Phillips Center offers educational opportunities in its two Education Wings. Programs are available for adults to learn about the performing arts and hone their craft.

But the Dr. Phillips Center isn't just for adults - the venue also offers several programs and events for children and families. The venue's "Family Adventures" program is a series of interactive performances and workshops designed to engage and inspire children. And for those looking to get hands-on, the venue's "Classes and Workshops" program offers a variety of classes, including acting, dance, and music lessons.

Other Amenities

Aside from the three theaters and outdoor plazas, the Dr. Phillips Center has many other amenities. The lobby features a café for snacks and refreshments before shows or during intermission. There is also a gift shop where patrons can buy souvenirs and merchandise related to the venue or shows they attended.

In addition, the Dr. Phillips Center offers free Wi-Fi throughout the facility and free parking in the adjacent garage. For those visiting from out of town, several hotels offer discounted rates for guests attending events at the center.

But perhaps the most amusing and unexpected attraction at the Dr. Phillips Center is its "Red Chair" photo opportunity. This oversized chair, which is located in the lobby, is the perfect spot for a group photo or solo selfie. Just be sure to strike a pose - this chair is too big to sit on!

Overall, with its unique theaters, outdoor plaza, education programs, and other amenities, the Dr. Phillips Center is an excellent place for visitors seeking a complete performing arts experience. From Broadway shows to educational opportunities to outdoor concerts – there's something for everyone at this vibrant venue!