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Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Mobile Car Inspection Orlando Fl

When we first began our mobile mechanic service over 15 years ago, we always wanted to offer more than merely a breakdown service. We quickly started to provide vehicle servicing or diagnostics services at a customer’s home in Orlando.

We learned a lot of the vehicles our skilled mechanics were working on were recent purchases. We saw that we could help our customers by offering a car inspection before they paid for the vehicle. It made sense because our mechanics are the best in the business and can tell if a car is a good purchase or the customer should not proceed.

Just like all the other services we offer, we make sure the most affordable rate is in place for our mechanic giving a vehicle a pre-purchase check.


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However, as much as we can help, it is unfortunate some individuals don’t proceed to have a vehicle checked before they buy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Some consumers don’t know that pre-purchase vehicle inspections are comfortable and convenient to arrange, and all it takes is a quick call.
  • There is a lot of people who are looking for a used car, they either don’t have the budget to pay for an additional inspection, or they don’t want to part with their money.
  • A lot of people anticipate there will be some aggravation if they take a mechanic with them to inspect their vehicle before they buy it.

Orlando Vehicle Sellers Denying a Mobile Mechanic

Any seller who denies a Mobile Mechanic or Orlando technician to check over their vehicle while a buyer is there might have something to hide. Many people deviate from the vehicle’s history to make sure they can sell it as quickly as possible.

A vehicle might not have a problem at that moment, but a few weeks down the road there could be something significant that goes wrong. Our skilled mechanics can see signs of many major problems that are ready to happen.

On some occasions, the seller might be unaware there is something wrong with their vehicle. If this is the case, the buyer who we are conduction the check for has some extra bargaining power.

“I was purchasing a car for my son’s birthday gift. He wanted an old 4x4 to do up. I called the guys at Mobile Mechanic of Orlando, and we spent the morning looking at three or four. One was worth the asking price and I did the deal. Many thanks to the company and the mechanic who snagged a real bargain.”

T Steinberg (Oak Ridge)

Our first-class mobile mechanics recommend any car purchase has a check over first. The cost can be offset by a reduction in the purchase price, and if the car is bought, there are savings to be made that are way over the amount of a car inspection.

Mobile Mechanics Test Drive

Our mobile mechanics are the best in the industry, so as soon as they take hold of the wheel and take a test drive in a car, they can tell if there is something not right underneath. It can be a problem with the gears, or how the car handles bumps. This gives them a place to check to see if there is something not as it should be like transmission.

Vehicles might have been in a collision and not insurance recorded, or the engine and chassis numbers don’t match. All of this can make the difference between one of our customers buying their dream car, or buying something they would later regret.

Car Inspection Orlando

Car Inspections in Orlando Cover

Here is a quick rundown of what our skilled mobile mechanics would be checking on a vehicle that is for sale.

  • Verifying the equipment listed is actually there, and working on the car being sold.
  • It will be confirmed the vehicle is in the stated condition as it has been described.
  • Problems with the frame, chassis, engine or body will be highlighted if they have not been disclosed. Our mechanic will be able to give you a rough (confidential) estimate for repair so you can use this as a bargaining tool.
  • Engine and body codes are checked for signs of tampering.
  • Customers are safe in the knowledge, they are able to buy the car they want at the right price, and there is nothing seriously wrong.

Any person who is searching for a used vehicle, is advised to call our friendly 24/7 staff to schedule a vehicle inspection, no matter what the location is in Orlando. The chance to save thousands is as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a call.

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