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Aircon Repair & Recharge

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On many occasions, Orlando FL can be warm and worst of all, humid. This makes driving around a bit hot and sticky so vehicle air-conditioning can be a must. However, through wear and tear or other problems, air con units on vehicles can stop performing like they are supposed to.

Aircon Failure Symptoms in Orlando FL

If you have any of the following symptoms with your vehicles air-conditioning unit, you should give our office a quick call. Our mechanics can be just around the corner from your home or desired location where they can fix any aircon problem you might have inspection.

  • You have hot air blowing from your Aircon
  • Your aircon fails to blow on any setting or poor airflow
  • There is no fresh air exiting the vents
  • You have excessive moisture build-up around the compressor
  • There is a strange smell entering the vehicle


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Weak Airflow

This can be one of the most common aircon problems. Mobile Mechanic of Orlando has assisted thousands of motorists in the 15-years we have been in operation for this type of aircon problem.

Here are a few reasons your aircon might have weak airflow. This type of AC repair can be carried out in any location you ask our skilled mobile repair technicians to go to.

  • Mold and mildew can build-up inside the evaporator due to excess moisture. This occurs when the vehicle is cooling. Vents can become blocked due to this build-up.
  • Seals can wear and spring leaks, if this happens the entire A/C unit will be compromised
  • Hoses can work loose, especially inlet blower hoses. These start to blow air outside the vehicle rather than inside it.

The Aircon Isn’t Cold

Our mechanics in Orlando FL are asked to sort the AC problem time and time again. This can be caused by any of the following problems.

  • Faulty O-rings, worn seals or split hoses lead to Freon leaks
  • Refrigerant or expansion hoses become blocked
  • There is a defective clutch assembly or a faulty compressor
  • Blower motors or resistors are broken or damaged
  • Condensers or evaporators are faulty or damaged
  • There are broken switches, fuses or control modules

“I was heading off to do the groceries, and the kids in the back started yelling it was too hot. The AC wasn’t pumping out any cold air. I called Mobile Mechanic of Orlando, and they fixed the AC while I was shopping. Wonderful service, I was super impressed.”

Helen K (Orlando)

AC Unit Performance Checks

It isn’t always the case that an aircon unit needs repairing, and it can be the Freon levels are low. This requires a quick AC recharge of the system coolants. Our highly skilled mechanics always check every component while performing this operation to determine why these levels.

Here are the checks you can expect from one of our 24/7 365 mechanics to perform on your vehicles AC unit.

  • Visually inspect all of the AC components
  • Run performance tests on the AC unit
  • Perform a system state of charge test
  • Perform a system control test
  • Perform leak tests using an approved leak detectors

If our skilled AC technicians find any problem areas, they will inform you of any work that needs to be undertaken. Rest assured, you will never see any hidden surprises when it comes to receiving a repair quote for any AC repair.

We offer some of the very best rates around and can do all the work at any time of the day in any local location. We work hard to make sure that you can keep your cool when things get a little heated during the day.

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