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VW Repair & Modification

VW Repair At Mobile Mechanic Houston

Nearly everyone in the world knows the name of VW especially the old models of the Beetle and the VW buses. They were a part of every generation’s childhood and still, some people love to buy an old classic to have some fun times on the road around Orlando.

The weather in these regions is ideal, and if a driver is lucky to have a convertible, they get the very best motoring experience.

Mobile Mechanic of Orlando has a fleet of mechanics who learned their trade working on the old classics when they first started in the mechanic industry. With countless hours of experience, they have grown into some of the best all-around mechanics on every make and model of vehicle.


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DIY VW Repair in Orlando

Ever since the VW Beetle was conceived, it was always intended to be easy to work on, and because of this, there are a lot of people who are capable of working on their vehicles to a certain extent. With lots of age, these vehicles are now in a whole different era, and problems crop up from time to time that in no way relate to a modern car.

This is when our highly skilled and keen mobile mechanics spring into action. They know these cars inside out and can pinpoint a problem within a few minutes with their VW troubleshooting skills. An engine on a VW is like a beating heart and doesn’t have fancy wires and cables powering it. It is a self-contained motor where everything works together, so if one thing starts to fail, it could be time to give us a call for that all-important VW repair.

Orlando VW Modification

Most VW repairs can be fixed at the roadside or at your home, all it takes is a quick call, and we can access the best and most affordable parts to repair your VW problem. But, there is one thing our skilled mechanics can’t do on site is if you decide you want your VW Beetle or VW bus to be brought up to date with some VW modification.

There are plenty of VW owners who have custom engine builds and modified body panels. Luckily, we have a highly skilled team of vehicle body shop craftsmen who are highly experienced in all types of vehicle bodywork and collision damage repair.

If your 79 Bay window van has a patch of rust that has turned into a hole, then no problem. Our body shop can fix that and make it look like new. You can even have the dream of a full blown custom body modification. Our vehicle technicians are only too happy to help out on a classic vehicle again.

“I’ve got a restored 1979 VW Bus. The front wheel went all wobbly while heading back from a surfing trip. I got home and called Mobile Mechanic of Orlando, and said what the problem was. One of the wheel bearings was worn. They snagged the parts, and I got them to do both wheels at an affordable rate. Best VW guys in the region.”

T Spall (Orlando)

Not all Orlando VW’s are Old

There are more VW classics from later years, and right up to current models. Our mechanics could be classed as specialists in VW repair because there isn’t a VW they don’t know how to fix. The skill set might be different, but they are fully adaptable and enjoy working on any VW at any location around Orlando.

All VW owners should keep our number handy, and no matter if you have one of the later models or a blast from the past, we have the guys who can perform any VW repair you can imagine.

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