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Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Removal In Orlando

In older models of cars, there were very few belts being used in the engine. Nowadays, there are a lot of additional components that are powered by a belt rather than under their own power. This is good in a way, but when you need a belt replacement in Orlando, it means more than one engine component can fail.

All belts use the engines rotational force to power these additional accessories. These can include the following:

  • Alternator
  • Power steering
  • Water pump
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Radiator fan
  • VW repair

Aside from these, other components are used to help keep the belts in decent running order. Mobile Mechanic of Orlando can quickly check the condition of any belt to make sure it is in good condition.


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Belt Tensioners

These are in place to help the belt stay on the pulleys and at the correct tension to make sure everything works as it should. If a tensioner loses strength, the belts can wear much quicker and deteriorate to the point of breaking.

A good mobile mechanic can easily spot a tensioner that isn’t working correctly. They can see this from belt wear before they check the tensioner itself. Our mechanics check all the pulleys are in line, and the tensioner is moving freely through its arc of travel.

Serpentine Belts

These are the belts that a belt tensioner is used for, and it is this belt that controls all of the above accessories. Because these are of a small thickness, they do wear over time and are a common thing to be changed by an Orlando FL mobile mechanic.

All of our mechanics vehicles carry the most common belt sizes, so if you find you have a broken serpentine belt, or some of your other accessories have stopped working. It is only a quick call and a quick job from our mobile repair technicians.

“My car was overheating bad. I thought it was the rad, but it was full of coolant. It was only when I contacted Mobile Mechanic of Orlando they said my serpentine belt was fried. The guy changed the belt in no time. Great guy, great rates and a great job.”

G Brookes (Orlando)

Timing Belts

This belt is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle. It has one purpose, and as the name suggests, it keeps everything inside your vehicle’s engine in time and synchronized. These are constructed out of the more durable material than a serpentine belt, and when they fail, the result can be significant damage inside your engine.

Our highly skilled vehicle mechanics can explain how crucial it is to have a timing belt that is in excellent condition. It is one of those jobs that you can’t put off until another time. Manufacturers recommend periods when you should have an Orlando FL mechanic change your timing belt.

We make sure we use only the highest quality timing belts for our customers because of the level of control they have over an engine. Our mechanics will also check all the crank seals, the camshaft and any other areas which might be affected. During a regular service is the best time to do this before you need a belt replacement. With our highly affordable rates, it can save a lot of money in the long run.

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