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Clutch and Transmission

Clutch Replacement And Repair Orlando

Vehicles come in two types, and this is regarding their transmission systems. Some drivers love the thrill of using a stick shift while others prefer the more sedate automatic vehicle. Nonetheless, both types of transmission come with lots of internal moving parts that are crucial for the operation of a vehicle.

Mobile Mechanic of Orlando has some of the very best clutch and transmission mechanics in Orlando the industry should you have a problem and need a transmission repair.


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Transmission Types


Automatic Transmission

The only driver intervention that is required to drive an automatic vehicle around Orlando FL is depressing the gas pedal or the brake pedal. The car takes care of changing the gears up or shifting down depending on the vehicles speed.

Manual Transmission

A driver would need to push their foot onto the clutch pedal and then move the shifter to the correct gear in a vehicle that has a manual transmission. This would be up a gear while they are increasing speed, or down to a lower gear when reducing speed.

For both types of transmission systems, there is transmission fluid (oil) that keeps all the parts lubricated. This is to eliminate friction and keep these gear changes as smooth as possible. Although crucial in both, it is more critical inside automatic vehicles, because the pressure is generated by the oil to change the gears.

Orlando Vehicle Transmission Service

A vehicles transmission system can be one of the most complex parts of a vehicle. It can also be one of the costliest to repair should there be the need. Even a clutch repair can set a motorist back more than they think. So to prevent this, it is highly advised to include all of the following on your next annual service including fuel pump repair.
  1. Have the vehicle transmission fluids checked? This should be done regularly and changed if the vehicle is often used to tow heavy loads. Extreme temperatures can also affect the condition of this fluid.
  2. Have some of the components that work alongside the transmission checked and serviced: CV joints and a drive shaft or flywheels, all these can have an impact on a vehicle’s clutch.
  3. Always follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance periods
  4. If a vehicle is involved in a collision, be sure to have the transmission checked by one of our skilled mobile mechanics.

“My shifter was stuck in fourth; there was no chance of me driving to a garage. I gave the guys at Mobile Mechanic of Orlando a quick call, and they sent their mechanic out the same afternoon. The pesky clutch cylinder sprung a leak and lost all the oil. Quickly fixed and decent price.”

T Rodgers (Pine Castle, Orlando)

Transmission Flush and Fluid Change

Manufacturers recommend 2-years to have transmission fluids changed. When this has been done, the changing of gears is much more comfortable, and it can save on more significant problems.

Our experienced Orlando FL mobile mechanics can come to your home to perform this operation. It can be completed in a short time, and all it takes is a quick call to our 24/7 365 support staff to schedule your vehicle in.

Clutches and transmission are what keep your vehicle moving, so it is advised to have them checked out at your convenience.

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