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Oil Change

Oil Change In Orlando

Oil in a vehicle continually lubricates every single moving part. If it isn’t cooled enough, it can break down over time and become less effective at its job while also carrying around contamination that can lead to further engine wear. Before this occurs, you could do much worse than contact one of our Orlando mobile mechanics to carry out an oil change on your car.

This function is pretty easy to do, but it is far from the cleanest job, and the chance of black oil all over your driveway is a possibility. Our Orlando mobile mechanics vehicles are fitted with the most effective equipment to drain a vehicle of its engine oil without making any mess.


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Orlando Oil Change Procedure

To change the oil on vehicles is pretty similar on most cars. If our skilled mechanics had to resort to the old method of draining a vehicle of its oil, these are the steps they would follow.

Check on the amount of oil needed by the engine, and the manufacturers recommended the specification

Gather a new oil filter, oil catchment device all the correct tools
Make sure the vehicle is sat level
Unfasten the drain plug and drain the engine of oil
Remove and change the oil filter
Fill the engine with new oil and check levels
Run the engine and let it sit before re-checking the final level check

The Crucial Need for Engine Oil

As well as providing all the lubrication for a vehicle’s engine, engine oil can help with the cooling. It is the prevention of friction though that is its primary function. The main area being the cylinders and the pistons. These are manufactured to the tightest of tolerances, and if the engine lacks lubrication, or radiator, they can quickly rub against each other and wear dramatically. In a worst-case scenario, the engine could seize up, and they weld themselves together.

Mobile Mechanic of Orlando have seen the damage that this can do to vehicle engines, and for the sake of changing the oil and filter, some motorists have seen costly engine repairs or needed a new engine altogether.

“I was shown how to check the oil by my late husband. It was really black and gooey. I called Mobile Mechanic of Orlando, and they sent a very nice mechanic who told me why it was all black. He drained my engine and filled it up with fresh new oil, and now it runs and sounds perfect. Lovely company, and so friendly and affordable.”

Martha (Orlando)

As much as the oil is crucial, so is the oil filter. The function of this is to filter out contaminants and any minute particles of metal. If the oil filter becomes clogged, it can cause oil pressure to rise, and any weak part of an engine gasket can give way, thus creating an oil leak. Worse than this is, these particles make their way into the cylinders and are pushed up and down as the piston moves and scores the side of the cylinder. At this point, oil seeps into the cylinder and is burned along with the fuel. This can be seen from black smoke billowing from the tailpipe.

Mobile Mechanic Oil Change In Orlando

Orlando Oil Changes and Peace of Mind

With a quick call to our friendly staff, you can schedule in an oil change at any destination you require. Our mobile mechanics have everything needed on their vehicles to drain all the old oil and to dispose of it correctly. The environment is as important to us as a company as is all of our loyal customers.

Our mechanics are ready to spring into action 24/7 365 for any motorist around Orlando who wants to make sure their vehicle is running in the best of conditions.

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