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Used cars offer much more range than you can buy new, they also fit into your budget easier. However, you do need to be careful when purchasing because of the number of vehicles that have pending issues, or already have hidden problems.

You can find it is worth spending a little extra to save a few thousand on a vehicle. If there are problems, the seller doesn’t want you to see, and you may miss these easily.

Is mobile mechanic Orlando, FL good for pre purchase checks?

Read on, and you will learn a few of the areas they check before giving their honest opinion about your vehicle purchase. It may be you can negotiate better, or they will tell you not to touch the vehicle, as it will cost a fortune to correct.

Vehicles That Have Been in Accidents

You can check online if any car has been reported as being in an accident. However, not all cars go through this route, and when they have repairs, they are often sold on quickly to get rid of them. Auto repair Orlando professionals can tell after checking a few areas if the vehicle has seen a significant bump.

If there was a significant collision, there are signs the chassis may be out of line. This is a fundamental flaw, and you should never purchase a vehicle in this condition.

Checking Bodywork for Filler and New Paint

Cars that have seen new paint on some of their panels shows there has been work done. This won’t match the older paint after it has been in the Orlando sun for a while.

A mobile auto repair mechanic will spot this easily and will use another of their little tricks to check whether there is body damage. Using a magnet, they check all the panels. If the magnet doesn’t stick to the car, it means there has been bodywork for some reason.

Tire Wear and Steering

Over time, a vehicle can lose the straight line that it drives. The tracking when it is out of line will wear tires unevenly. It is possible, this was because of an accident, and the auto mechanic who repaired the car didn’t check the tracking as part of the repair.

Not many used cars will have a full set of new tires, so the signs of wear will be evident to a good auto mechanic.

Let Your Mobile Mechanic Orland Test Drive the Vehicle

Some sellers don’t like a mechanic to test-drive the vehicle. This is a bad sign in itself because they can spot many things from a few minutes driving. Clutches are expensive to fix, so if there is a clutch problem, you need to know sooner rather than later.

Along with this are braking systems, engine performance, and all the accessories inside the vehicle that should work. Contact Mobile Mechanic of Orlando, and you will find you are paying a small price to prevent you from wasting several thousand, or you are getting your dream car as a bargain.

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