It’s no fun to be stuck without A/C on a hot day. Particularly in a hot car where the temperatures can rapidly reach over 150 degrees. Yet air conditioning is not the only comfort; it’s also a matter of safety as temperatures can rise to dangerous levels in the Orlando sun without cooling ventilation.

So, if your vehicle’s air conditioner exhausts hot air, take steps to fix it. Until then, this is what a mobile mechanic checks on warm AC units.

It’s good to know what they’ll be looking for, so read on.

A Mobile Mechanic Spots You Are Leaking Refrigerant

Coolant leakage can be anywhere in the air conditioning system, so it may be challenging to determine the exact source of the leak. Typically, leaks are found at the air conditioning unit’s pipe connections.

Occasionally it is possible to spot an oily substance building up around the connections, which is most likely the leak source. Your mobile mechanic Orlando can use a special sealant to stop this if there is no chance to make a permanent fix there and then.

The AC Condenser is Blocked

A vehicles condenser for the air conditioning is supposed to cool hot refrigerant after its compression. Airflow from the front of the vehicle is supposed to do this, as you drive.

If debris blocks the condenser, then it can’t cool the refrigerant. This leads to the AC to operate with warm coolant. While you may see it is blocked, it will take your mobile auto repair mechanic to remove it from the grill and give it a clean before testing the system.

The Houston auto repair near me mechanic may spot the condenser is broken rather than blocked. This can occur from debris hitting the condenser and puncturing that particular part. It will take a replacement part to resolve this. Luckily, your mobile mechanic will have fast access to any parts he needs.

Your Mobile Auto Repair Technician Checks for Electrical Issues

Electrical problems are the most challenging problem to identify when dealing with an AC unit, which has ceased to function. Your mobile mechanic Orlando will check all wiring to see if there, are any broken or they are frayed and shorting.

If any wires are damaged, he will repair these with electrical tape or replace them if they are easy to access. A mobile car repair mechanic in Orlando can resolve this without visiting your local dealer.

Quick AC Repair in Orlando, FL

If you need an immediate response, then there is no reason to keep searching. Contact Mobile Mechanic of Orlando, and be sure you won’t be blasted with warm air, and you can go about your business nice and chilled. It won’t take long to get you going, and you will have the number for when you need any other car service, or your AC recharged.

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